Suspect yourself if you arrive too quickly to conclusions. There is method in madness. There are truths in a nutshell.

p-metodologiaThe method used will depend on the specific investigation we are requested to address. “The case” will always require an on-site investigation, thus we will need a place to install the portable agency. The site may or may not have a direct connection with the case (in any case, we think that any and every space contains a story with the potential to be solved), and if it were to have one, it is likely that the narrative will be developed and the results of the investigations shown at the end of the process.

The built scenic pieces will be the result of these investigations. Based on the statements of some of the individuals involved, we will follow the lineage of the particular material heritage of the objects, putting the focus on micro-experiences and using these to narrate in order to broadcast the diversity of material imaginaries that co-exist in each site.

The installation spaces of the agency could be, for example, an old business which has already closed, a shop or home that have been shut but remains intact, a basement, a grocery store or a workshop of some trade still active that turns itself into an “accomplice” for the duration of the investigation etc. We are a flexible agency, able to adapt to the most improbable space.

For us, each case represents the opportunity to think about the particular nature of each type of objectuality, according to the sort of bond it has with the people, their habitats and the details of its own materiality.

We see the Agency as a container that records, analyzes and stores material data, which with the development of each case will constitute a small object file. This will be developed with the OBJECT-ARY.