Open Cases

Resolved Cases

To analyze a person the first step is to, always, observe his or her shoes.

p-casos The agency adapts to the needs and resources of each place that invites us, thus, a preliminary approach will always be necessary so we can, together with the client, define “the case” to be investigated and configure the scope of it.

The transitional nature of our agency which is set up in different contexts, is considered as a means for it to mutate with each place where it is deployed. With different performative resources, the spectator will always be invited to enter this peculiar agency, and to witness how the specific “case” of that particular place will be disclosed by the hand of the object detectives.

If you think you have a case that requires our investigations, just contact us and we will adapt to your specific case. Remember that even what may seem unimportant to you may be of great significance for El Solar.

If you want to know more about our operation, visit the METHODOLOGY section.