Detective agencies are small rooms for secrets

p-agenciaEl Solar is a detective agency of objects, a portable research office specializing in field work, an ethnographic research of people and their belongings; and how, through the same singular collective history a specific community is portrayed.

Our objective is to visualize the memories and experiences stored in the objects of the inhabitants of a specific place; and from there investigate close knit relationships within the space and propose a reflection about the present space and time of that specific neighborhood and/or city, as well as the transformations and transitions of certain material culture.

With this in mind we aim to build documentary-object theater, scenic devices where the appeal of the project is the testimonial potential that exists within the life cycles of these objects together with the actual stories. Our agency is open to build different display formats depending on the specific case and on the interaction that is established with the local community (installations, exhibitions, tours, social gatherings, performative round tables, etc.).